Planning Guide Bootcamp Updates

I am posting updates here on this page so that I can get them to you as quickly as possible. You can also post comments, questions, suggestions and any problems on this page so I can take care of them quickly.  Keep the ideas coming and check back daily for the next few days as we keep adding more.

Planning Guide

Website Content Planning Guide Checklist 010113

Website Content Planning Guide Checklist (Word) 010113

Intro Video 1:

Intro Video 2:

Bootcamp Content

Day 1 – Introduction, Why Content?
Day 2 – Site Plan (Coming Soon)
Day 3 – Site Personality and Target Audience(Coming Soon)
Day 4 – Content Brainstorming
Days 5 and 6 – Calendars and Templates
Day 7+ (Coming Soon)



I don’t want to rush things, but Robert Plank just launched a really cool template that uses some of the principles we will be teaching about content types, content templates and content snippets. The only reason I am mentioning before the bootcamp is because it just launched and is currently priced at only $7. Learn more about the Paper Template.


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