Content Planning Bootcamp – Day 4

No, you did not miss a day. We are really on the 3rd day of the bootcamp, but based on some of the feedback I decided to jump ahead to some of the Content Brainstorming materials so that I did not lose people in some of the ‘preparation’ topics. We will still go back and cover everything we missed for Day 2 and 3, but since we have already talked about understanding the purposed of your content in the videos yesterday, let’s jump ahead and start brainstorming a massive list of content ideas that you can keep adding to in the coming days.

Below are 2 videos covering 11 Failproof Techniques for Content Brainstorming. Go through these 2 videos, pick the tool you want to used to capture your ideas (Excel, Mindmanager, Evernote, Word, 3X5 cards, etc.) and start building a huge list.

I also posted the Event Calendar mindmap that I use to help me with brainstorming. I posted it in both PDF and Mindmanager formats for those people who use mindmaps.

Finally, the next two videos today go through the 7 types of content that I have found to be the easiest to write, and the one that I think is the hardest for most people to create.

11+ Failproof Techniques for Content Brainstorming

Video A (Techniques 1-5)

Video A (Techniques 6-11)


Event Calendar (MindManager)

Event Calendar (PDF)

7 Quick and Easy Types of Content – Part A


7 Quick and Easy Types of Content – Part B

Create Videos with Hand that is drawing and writing:

You can create so great videos use Spakol Videoscribe:

Example of List turned into Infographic:

This is infographic not only has some good ideas about creating content, but it is also an excellent example of a blog post turned into an Infographic.

See more examples of infographics and create your own at
22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
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