Content Planning Bootcamp – Day 1

Today we have 2 videos –

1) The first one is an introduction and course overview.

2) The second video (in four parts) is a discussion of

  • what content is
  • why it is important
  • what type of content people share
  • what types of content search engines want to send traffic to
  • and some examples of both good and bad content.

Finally, near the end of the second video, I give you the assignment to begin thinking about what the purpose or purposes of your content are. If you don’t know what the purpose is, you won’t know if the content is good or bad.

Content Bootcamp – Day 1 Intro

Content Bootcamp – Day 1 Why Content? (PART A)

Content Bootcamp – Day 1 Why Do People Share Content? (PART B)

Content Bootcamp – Day 1 Examples (PART C)

Content Bootcamp – Day 1 Know Your Purpose (PART D)

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