2013 Content Planning Guide

As a major provider of backlinks and a proponent of LinkWheels for many years (my son and I own and run Linkwheels.com) I thought is was time that I come back and provide an update on what I am working on now. Some of the ideas behind LinkWheels can still be useful as part of your traffic strategy, but only to the extent that they contain valuable and fresh content, and the spokes are each well maintained properties, not link farms. But most people don’t take the time to do this.

And most people are still focusing on the wrong thing – the links.

Your MAIN seo strategy now needs to be creating high quality content that ATTRACTS natural links, likes, comments, re-tweets, etc. Many people have treated their content as the stage for backlinks, but now the content has to be the main attraction – then, links and social validation will be the natural response. In reality is has always been this way, and we all knew that Google would get better at this game over time.

But if content is going to be the center of your strategy, you will have to be more organized and creative with the content you publish.

I have spent much of 2012 focused on content strategy instead of link building, and along the way I have been created a few spreadsheets, cheat sheets, checklists and forms to help keep me organized and creative in my content planning.


What is your content strategy for 2013?

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